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Promises They Made

I stare at the piece of folded blue stationary lying on my bed. On top of it, written in messy cursive, is my name. There is only one person that I know that has handwriting life that. Luke. I haven’t seen or heard from him in months. I can’t even imagine what provoked him to write me this note now. What could’ve made him want say something to me right at this point in time? Oh, Luke, where are you now? My mind races faster and faster just thinking about him. Just thinking about him makes my heart ache but not in a good way. Almost desperately, I try to pull myself together. Just breathe, Olivia, breathe, I think to myself. Just thinking about him makes me want to break something, anything. I only want to open the note to see what the idiot has the nerve to say to me after leaving the way he did. But then again, I don’t think I can handle anymore heartbreak. When he left those many months ago, my heart had been broken into so many tiny little pieces that I thought it would never mend. With a sigh and the only ounce of courage I have in me at the moment, I pick up the note and open it slowly. This is what I read:


I know I hurt you and I hate myself for it. And I know the last thing you probably want from me right now is an apology. But I’m sorry, Olivia, I truly am. I don’t blame you if you won’t forgive me for leaving you the way I did. And I’m not expecting you to. I love you, Olivia. And I always will. Never once did I not love you. No matter what happens, Olivia, I will find a way back to you. And despite my pack’s many warnings, I wrote you this note. Who knows what Aldus will do to me if he finds out about what I plan to do. But, Olivia, I love you. That is a promise I intend to keep, even when I’m dead. I promise that I will come back to you. I promise.

Yours Truly, Luke Aimes

Staring down at his beautiful, heartfelt words, my heart flutters. And I can feel a lukewarm tear run down my cheek. But I don’t care. I just let it fall and several others follow suit…..


The pale morning light sprinkles through the almost leafless branches of the October trees. Lightly, I swing on my favorite blue swing. Brown Deer Park is always more beautiful this time of year. The fallen leaves on the ground remind me of the glowing flames in a fireplace. A gentle breeze catche the stray strands of hair sticking out from purple and blue knit hat. It’s been almost three months since I recieved that note from Luke. Even though I was mad at him at first for leaving without any sort of explanation, I still hope he comes back like he promised he would. Luke’d probably show up at my house first if really does come back. But being at home make me feel trapped. My mom’s latest boyfriend, Tony, is my worst and most hated enemy. That man is beyond ludicrous. He smokes, drinks and is always cheating on my mom with younger women. But she keeps taking him back like it’s no big deal that he does. I’m always telling her that she just needs to dump the guy. But does my mom listen to me? Of course she doesn’t. She never does anymore. Not since Tony’s been around. Before he left, Luke was my salvation from the mess I call my life. Now I’m right back to the way I was before he walked into my life. A hot mess. Every night I cry myself to sleep. On several occasions, I find myself dreaming of him, running after him with all my will. And I always wake up screaming from those dreams. I break things that belong to me. There are days that I just want to escape from life completely. I was a wreck. I am a wreck.

Everything around me suddenly goes silent. Hardly breathing, I listen for anything and everything. But nothing dares to make a sound. Then, I hear a twig snap from somewhere in the woods. Out of stupid curiosity, I stand up from the swing and walk towards the trees. I stop the moment I see a shadowy figure moving slowly towards me. The little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. A warning sounds in the back of my mind, telling me to run for it. But every part of my body has gone completely frozen. The figure reaches the edge of the trees and stops only a few feet away from me. It is a wolf. The creature’s eyes wise silver eyes pierce my own with such fierce intensity that I have to look away. But I force myself to look back into them. I only know those eyes to belong to one. Slowly, I walk forward towards the wolf and fall to the ground on my knees. I throw my arm around its warm neck. Oh, Luke! I whisper into the wolf’s ear. I stand back and watch as the wolf changes into the boy I fell in love with. His chestnut hair falls ever so slightly into his sliver eyes. He smiles that crooked half smile that always makes me melt every time I see it. Luke comes over to me and wraps his arms around me. He smells like he always does. Of fire, forest and cinnamon. I don’t quite understand the whole cinnamon thing. It must be a Luke thing, I guess. He gently kisses my ear and buries his face in my red hair only for a moment before he looks lovingly into my hazel eyes.

"I told you I’d come back," he says in a slight husky tone. I can almost hear the mocking in his voice.

I smile up at him. “I never doubted you for second.”

"Well, I have no doubt about that." He pauses only for a second to kiss me ever so gently on the forehead. Then he whispers all too softly in my left ear. "I love you, Olivia." That whisper, like all the others, sends a light tingle surging through my veins. Luke lifts my chin and kisses me lightly on the lips. Not wanting to let him go again, I pull him closer and kiss him more fiercely. Even though I know this will only last for a moment, I will make it last a life time. And if anyone or anything tries to take Luke from me, let’s just that there will be hell to pay. That is a promise that I intend to keep.


I just bought this! I’ve been meaning to get my very own Octopod for such a long time now, so it’s my prize for finally paying my rent and the electricity bill. Which if anything probably means I shouldn’t spend any money, but um, I don’t know whatever man student loan.

Gretchen Lewis runs a beautiful Etsy shop, totally check it out and get yourself your very own Octopod? I think shes adding more to the shop lately. I probably should of waited but I couldn’t help myself. So stoked for mail!

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